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When you have been injured at work, you will likely have many questions concerning workers' compensation. The following are some of the frequently asked questions our attorney encounters regarding workers' comp. Remember, everyone's situation is unique and nothing can replace the one-on-one advice you receive from meeting with a lawyer. To schedule a consultation at Stephen E. Mindzak Law Offices, LLC, in Columbus, call us at 614-221-1125.

My mistake resulted in my workplace accident. Am I still eligible to receive workers' compensation? Yes. The workers' compensation system is designed to remove blame from the equation. For workers' compensation purposes, it does not matter who is ultimately at fault for the accident. If it occurred at work or while you were performing a job-related duty, you should be eligible for workers' compensation.

My employer is entirely at fault for the accident. May I sue my employer for damages? Usually no, except in very extraordinary circumstances which we will discuss with you as your attorney. Because the workers' compensation system is designed to be faultless, any claims for a work injury are usually limited to being covered under Ohio's workers' compensation system. If a third party, such as the manufacturer of faulty or defective equipment, is to blame for the accident, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury claim against the third party.

I am still in pain from my injuries. Do I have to return to work? You may only return to work if your doctor says you are okay to return to work. Sometimes your doctor may release you to return to work even though you may still have some pain as a result of your workplace injury.

Over the years, the work-related injuries I've accumulated have left me unable to work at all. Do I have any options? If accumulated work-related injuries have deteriorated your physical condition to the point where you are unable to perform any type of job, you may be eligible to collect permanent total disability benefits.

My initial claim was denied. Now what? Initial denials of valid claims are unfortunately common. However, this is not the final word. We can help explore your options on appeal and will fight to help you recover the benefits that you deserve.

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